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How to Write Annotated Bibliography for Research Paper

annotated bibliography for research paper creation

Do You Need Help to Create an Annotated Bibliography for Research Paper?

An annotated bibliography is far more than just a list of the sources that you used in developing your paper. The annotation is where things are very different; you are required to provide a brief description and evaluation of your sources so that the reader can quickly understand the work’s relevance and contribution to your own paper.  But writing that brief description is far from easy; especially if you did not plan right from the start of your research.

Your research paper with annotated bibliography will be far easier to write if you have done your preparation up front to ensure that you have all of the information that you need. Too many students just rush into doing their research and writing and make minimal notes which will be required when you put together your annotated bibliography writing.

writing bibliography issues

Simple Tips for Your Research Paper Annotated Bibliography

How to write a good bibliography? As many students are aware: proper preparation and planning prevent poor performance. This is especially true if you are going to include an annotated bibliography in your paper. The reason that many students struggle with their annotated bibliography research paper writing is that they don’t have the required notes that they will need for their writing and have to go back to their sources again and again to get the information that they need. The following tips will help you to get what you need and to write an accurate and well written research paper with annotated bibliography. And don’t forget to check out official resources and guidelines for APA, MLA and Chicago bibliography formatting.

Select the Right Sources for Your Research

Google is not the only source of information on the planet, especially if you want respected and verifiable information for your paper. Use learned papers form university presses, published books, journals and other sources as well. If you do have to use the internet try to trace the information back to where it originated rather than just quoting a webpage.

Ensure that you also look at sources of information that do not support your own argument, after all that would be a biased approach and not something that you will want to be accused of. A balanced review of literature should also look at opposing views to your own.

Short Guide on How to Write a Research Paper Bibliography

Gather all needed sources of information
Use footnotes or endnotes during writing
Organize your bibliography properly

Get Your Notes Right When Doing Your Research

This is where most academic students fall down when they are doing their research. Annotated reference writing for your bibliography requires a huge amount of information if your annotations are to be written well.

You need to consider all of the following for each work that you have used in your research and record information accordingly:

  • A brief summary of the information covered by the source
  • The audience that the work is aimed at
  • The specific purpose of the work
  • What methodology was used?
  • Who the author is; what else have they published? What qualifications do they hold?
  • What is unique or special with this work?
  • In what way is this work relevant to your own work? How relevant?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments?
  • Is the work biased in any way?
annotated bibliography for research paper sample online research paper annotated bibliography online example annotated bibliography research paper template online

For your actual citation, you also have to record the right information depending on the specific annotated bibliography format that your paper is written in (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

Be clear as to the information that you will require, usually, it will be:

  • Full names of authors
  • Name of publication
  • Type of publication
  • State/country of publication
  • Publisher
  • Date

If you collect all of the information that is listed above then writing your research paper with annotated bibliography section will be so much easier to do.

professional research paper annotated bibliography

We Can Help with Your Research Paper Bibliography

Not all students have the time or the skills to write their bibliography and this is where our services will come in. from annotation writing and formatting to a full annotated list example there is a huge amount of help that our experts can provide for you. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs and our experts all hold postgraduate degrees in the fields of which they write.

So if you are looking for help to create your annotated bibliography for research paper writing just contact our highly experienced and friendly staff here today!