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1.APA requires a running head

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2.APA limit of the running head is

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3.In APA footnotes are

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4.Choose correct citing of one author

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5.APA requires italics for

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Why References Are Important

Ah, the references page. The bane of every student’s life. They’re detailed, finicky, and require an incredible amount of formatting. They can take as much time as the actual paper itself if you’re unlucky. Plus, if you do them wrong and you’re really unlucky, you could get accused of plagiarism. Nobody wants that kind of hassle. So how can you avoid all the fuss and get your references done in record time? Try an online referencing tool.

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The Online Referencing Tool

An online referencing tool is incredibly helpful for all students who ever need to cite. They’re quick to use, portable, and usually free! Unless expensive, complex citation software, they only ask you for the basic information such as author name, year, etc., and what style you want your citation in. You just input your info and out pops a citation. You can them copy it and put it in your document. You should take care to be sure that the formatting isn’t stripped out when you paste, which some word processors will do. However, with that single reservation, it’s an easy matter to create a annotated bibliography APA in a few minutes.

Why You Need an Online Reference Tool

The fact is, if you’re a student who’s ever going to have to make a bibliography, you need an online referencing tool. You might be great at citations, but even if you can do them by hand, it’s a pain in the neck and takes lots of time.

Our tool, by contrast, is:

  • Quick
  • Easy to use
  • A great learning opportunity
  • Guaranteed accurate

If you’re an experienced citer, you’ll still find that the tool is faster than you can type, simply because it processes all the information at a computer’s fast thinking speed. It’s also easy! Unless you’re an expert, you’ll probably have to consult a template to create your citation, and that takes extra time and can make you even more confused. But all the tool needs is the information you’ve already got.

Plus, our tool is more accurate than human error sometimes permits. It’s easy to transpose a couple of names, and the consequences could be fatal. You shouldn’t be blamed for this, but you might be. To prevent that, use our tool. You can learn while you type, too. All you have to do is observe the citations to have a great model on which to base your knowledge.

Use Our Online Reference Tool

It’s a breeze to create a good bibliography with our online referencing tool. All you have to do is put in some info and make a few clicks. You deserve citations that show off what an amazing student you are. We are invested in helping you get them, and we want to show you how great our reference tool is. Check it out now and see for yourself!

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