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Benefit from Our Online Referencing Tool

Why References Are Important

Ah, the references page. The bane of every student’s life. They’re detailed, finicky, and require an incredible amount of formatting. They can take as much time as the actual paper itself if you’re unlucky. Plus, if you do them wrong and you’re really unlucky, you could get accused of plagiarism. Nobody wants that kind of hassle.

Every academic paper should include references to other people’s work. A reference is an important step every student or scholar should include on their papers. Referencing demonstrates that the writer has good critical skills and that they have done some proper research on the topic.

It is a way to support your arguments with relevant evidence. When referencing a source, you will need to make sure to follow the specific style requirements for your paper. So how can you avoid all the fuss and get your references done in record time? Try an online referencing tool.
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What Kind of Information Do I Need to Reference?

When writing a paper, you may want to support your argument with an external reference. But not every source has the same importance. For example, you cannot quote your friend’s words – unless they have published an article on an online journal. General knowledge is another thing you should not reference. However, there are certain sources that you should always add to your references:

  • If you are paraphrasing a quote from a book, an online journal, a scientific magazine, or any other academic paper, you should always acknowledge the author.
  • Also, if you are using data from someone else’s experiment, you should credit that person too.
  • Personal interviews, letters, and emails, are other things you should also reference.
  • As for words from your tutor, you should check with them if you have to quote them on your paper or not.

Now that you know what you have to reference, you can use an online referencing generator to save time writing your reference list.

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The Most Popular Referencing Styles to Know About

There are many referencing styles that you can use for your academic paper. Depending on your course requirements, you will be asked to stick to a particular style. But if you are curious to know about the most popular referencing styles, we have listed them here. Check them out:

  • Modern Language Association (MLA): The MLA style is used to cite references from the humanities, liberal arts, and cultural studies papers. Writers that have to follow this particular referencing style should be aware of its requirements. You should include the references on a separate page, and add the page number from where you find the reference.
  • American Psychological Association (APA): APA style states that the references should be placed at the end of the paper. The author’s last name should be written at the beginning of the reference, and the list has to be ordered alphabetically.
  • Chicago: If you are using this style you should be aware that there are two types of references. If you have followed a Notes and Bibliography style, you should call your reference pages “Bibliography”, but if you have followed an Author-Date style, then it should be titled “References”.
  • Harvard: The Harvard style requires to write the author’s name, followed by the year of publication, and the page number.

Good Tips on How to Make the Reference List

  • Define the scope of your annotated bibliography before writing it
  • Briefly explain each source you have used and critically evaluate them
  • Describe in one or two sentences how is that source relevant to your paper
  • Write your reference list in alphabetical order
  • Use double space to write your annotated bibliography and a Times New Roman font.

The Online Referencing Tool

An online referencing tool is incredibly helpful for all students who ever need to cite. They’re quick to use, portable, and usually free! Unless expensive, complex citation software, they only ask you for the basic information such as author name, year, etc., and what style you want your citation in. You just input your info and out pops a citation. You can then copy it and put it in your document. You should take care to be sure that the formatting isn’t stripped out when you paste, which some word processors will do. However, with that single reservation, it’s an easy matter to create an annotated bibliography APA in a few minutes.

Why You Need an Online Reference Tool

The fact is, if you’re a student who’s ever going to have to make a bibliography, you need an online referencing tool. You might be great at citations, but even if you can do them by hand, it’s a pain in the neck and takes lots of time.

Our tool, by contrast, is:

  • Quick
  • Easy to use
  • A great learning opportunity
  • Guaranteed accurate

If you’re an experienced citer, you’ll still find that the tool is faster than you can type, simply because it processes all the information at a computer’s fast thinking speed. It’s also easy! Unless you’re an expert, you’ll probably have to consult a template to create your citation, and that takes extra time and can make you even more confused. But all the tool needs is the information you’ve already got.

Plus, our free bibliography generator is more accurate than human error sometimes permits. It’s easy to transpose a couple of names, and the consequences could be fatal. You shouldn’t be blamed for this, but you might be. To prevent that, use our tool. You can learn while you type, too. All you have to do is observe the citations to have a great model on which to base your knowledge.

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Use Our Online Reference Tool

It’s a breeze to create a good bibliography with our online referencing tool. All you have to do is put in some info and make a few clicks. You deserve citations that show off what an amazing student you are. We are invested in helping you get them, and we want to show you how great our reference tool is.

As well as helping you with our online referencing generator, we also have an amazing team of professional writers that can help you with your tasks. They have many years of experience writing academic papers and know the exact requirements that you need to include in your paper.

As part of our services, we provide some guarantees. For example, if you are not satisfied with our work, we will transfer your money back. We also guarantee to deliver your paper on time and to have an available support team 24/7.

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