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APA Annotated Bibliography Template

how to make an annotated bibliography in apa

If you have been scouring the Internet trying to find a site offering an APA annotated bibliography template then you have definitely come to the right place. At Annotated BibliographyAPA.net we know how important it is for you to have a template to follow when you have to create an annotated bibliography. APA template samples are essential for all academic writers to make sure they adhere to the guidelines.

Sample APA Annotated Bibliography Template

apa annotated bibliography templateYou do have to specify what you mean when you request an annotated bibliography template. APA guidelines exist for the format of the bibliography as well as for how each entry should be written. We are pleased to bring you an example of an APA style annotated bibliography template for general use. It refers to the format based on the APA 6th edition annotated bibliography template that our writers follow.

An annotated bibliography is more than a list of references. Each entry has a paragraph that summarizes the content of each source. You will see how to do this in the following APA annotated bibliography 6th edition template. Before you start, though, you must put the surnames of all your source writers in alphabetical order.

APA Annotated Bibliography Template

Introduce the annotated bibliography by providing the topic of your paper and a few sentences about what you found from an analysis of the research.

First Paragraph

Write the first citation starting with the author’s name, the title of the source, name of periodical if it is a journal article, publisher and date. When you use a journal article you must include all the pertinent information about the volume number etc. Write a summary paragraph about the main idea of the material, how it was valuable to you in your research and any pertinent details that the reader would want to know.

Second Paragraph

Repeat the same process for the next entry that comes in the alphabetical ordered list of references.

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APA Annotated Bibliography APA Template for Entries

Just as we can provide you with an Annotated bibliography APA format template 6th edition for the format of the full bibliography we can also provide you with a smaller APA annotated bibliography APA template for how to write each individual entry.

  • apa article annotated bibliography template

We will supply you with the best APA annotated bibliography template from the experts of AnnotatedBibliographyAPA.net!