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Examples of Annotated Bibliography APA

An annotated bibliography is a list where you gather all the references that you have used on your paper. An annotated bibliography has to include a comment or critical evaluation about each source. You can read some examples of annotated bibliography APA to see how it has to be done. An annotated bibliography APA is important because it helps to demonstrate your critical thinking skills. It is a way to prove that you have researched the subject and that you know what you are talking about.

An APA annotated bibliography is a reference list that follows the APA style requirements. It has to include a title, a page runner, a page number and the references alphabetically organized. The main features of this style state that it has to be written using a Times New Roman font, 12 pt. and the text has to be double-spaced. Check some examples of annotated bibliography in APA format so you can get an idea on how you have to write yours.

Some difficulties may arise when writing an APA annotated bibliography. These are the most common ones:

  • Lack of information about the APA style. If you are not familiar with this referencing style, use an annotated bibliography with APA format template as a guide.
  • Not being able to locate the main arguments of the source. Since you have to critically evaluate each reference, you must highlight the relevant facts of each reference.
  • Not taking your time to write an annotated bibliography. You will need time to research and analyze each source.
  • Not knowing how to organize the bibliography. You should list all your references alphabetically but you have to write the author’s last name first.
  • Not being able to express your ideas in plain language. The APA style recommends avoiding wordiness and passive voice.

examples of annotated bibliography apa example of annotated bibliography in APA format

Check Out Our Examples of APA Annotated Bibliography

You won’t believe how easy it is to find examples of annotated bibliography APA style writing when you come to AnnotatedBibliographyAPA.net. Examples provide you with a lot of information that can help you write your own annotations and format them in the proper way. Every entry in annotated bibliography examples should contain the author, title, date of publication as well as one or two statements that summarize the main idea of the material. You should not rely solely on examples of annotated bibliography in APA format that you find on various sites online because they may not adhere to the latest changes in APA guidelines.

  • Brown, D. (2014). Trends in teaching English. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 30(2), 155-176. doi: 10.1018/S028718040300009X.

This article reviews different English teaching methods. Brown categorizes the trends into three sections. Brown mentions the preconceived shortcomings of teaching English as a second language.

The examples and expert opinion on this article are relevant to my project. They provide support to my claims about the current methodologies in ESL studies.

  • Simpson, L. (2016). The Effects of Colors. New York, NY: HH&C 

This book explains the effects that colors have on our brains. It describes how a particular color can make us feel different things. It also provides substantial evidence that supports its arguments.

  • Downing, A. (2011). The Psychology Behind Decisions. London: Routledge.

In this book, the author describes the relationship between our environment and how we decide things. It explores the nature of decision making and how our surroundings have an effect on it. Downing carried out different experiments where she tested several participants. The conclusions reveal a new scope for psychology.

This book provides relevant information and data to support my arguments.

  • Burnett, H. (2015). Words and relationships. New York, NY: Faber. 

This book explains how do we choose our words. It tells how language shapes our vision of the world and our relationships.

A distinctive book that helped me to support my claims on my paper.

  • Bhaw, T. (2011). Teaching English as a Second Language. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 26(5), 102-116. doi: 10.1019/S018617020403004X.

This article reviews the different methodologies applied when teaching English as a second language. It categorizes the methodologies and evaluates each one of them.

Get Examples of Annotated Bibliography APA

Take a look at these two examples of APA annotated bibliography entries to see the different techniques you must use depending on the reference you use.

Examples of annotated bibliography APA format for a website:

APA format for a website

When you don’t know the author of an article on a website simply provide the title of the article. One of the examples of a bibliography APA for this situation is as follows:

APA bibliography format for a website
Each of our examples of an annotated bibliography in APA format is for display purposes only. If you wish to have one written based on your specific resources contact us.

How to Use Our Examples of Annotated Bibliography in APA Format

Our professional experts’ advice on creating an annotated bibliography template APA 6th edition, is to read the manual style first. Familiarize yourself with the APA style. This way you will be able to write your annotated bibliography faster and with no errors.

Follow these simple steps to organize your APA annotated bibliography:

  • Organize your references in alphabetical order with the author’s last name at the beginning of each source.
  • After you have used a reference, write down a few keywords that describe it. Keep it at hand to save time when writing your annotated bibliography.
  • While reading a reference, highlight its main arguments.
  • Do not forget to include a critical evaluation of each source. This may take you some time, so organize yourself in advance.
  • Use the latest APA style edition changes when writing your annotated bibliography.

But if you feel overwhelmed, or simply do not have the time to do it, contacting a professional writer is your best option. They will know how to implement the guidelines and deliver a perfectly written annotated bibliography.

Our Service Can Assist with Annotated Bibliography APA Writing

We have many years of experience helping our customers with their APA annotated bibliographies. We know the stylistic requirements that should be included on the paper, as well as the format it has to follow. Plus, our skilled writers will make sure to tailor your annotated bibliography according to your needs.

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