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APA Annotated Bibliography Resources

Gathering information for your annotated bibliography APA style, as well as actually writing it, can seem like a piece of cake. But once you start with it, you’ll find that there are many issues you may have to struggle with. Like particular universities having specific requirements concerning the format of the bibliography.Or some new rules that no one has really heard about yet. For that reason, we’ve collected guides on writing APA style bibliography from best educational websites on the internet. They can help you to make the process of writing a lot easier.

  1. Purdue Writing Lab. Probably the most visited educational website. It is a holy place of guides, tips, advice and many, many examples. Everything you need you’ll probably be able to find here.
  2. Bethel University Guide. Bethel University offers a pretty straightforward guide with all basic information you need to know about APA bibliography and a great sample for you to follow.
  3. Cornell University Library. This online resource can provide you with lots of useful information concerning academic writing. I myself have used it a few times and would recommend all of you to check it out.
  4. Ashford University Guide. Here you can find a short but very informative easy-to-follow guide that is also available for printing in PDF format.
  5. The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill. On this website, you can not only read a very detailed guide on annotated bibliography writing but also have a look at a wide variety of samples of different kinds of APA style bibliography.
  6. Simon Fraser University Library. A resource that can offer you both short basic information and big detailed guide for annotated bibliography APA and MLA formats.
  7. UNSW Australia. A lot of useful information and a very detailed sample of a bibliography. That’s what you’re looking for? Then this website is for you.
  8. UNE Guide. Probably one of the most detailed guides in this list. With the help of this guide, some tips added in different colors and schemes, you’ll have no problems writing a perfect bibliography.
  9. University of Toronto. Here you can find a lot of information that’ll come in handy during academic writing. Their guides are also available in printable PDF versions.
  10. Dixie State University Library. If you in need of a short and simple guide, this is the place to go. You can also contact one of the reference librarians and they’ll help find the needed information.
  11. Capella University. A rich and very informative guide from Capella University is go-to of many students.
  12. Indiana University East. A general guide on bibliographies with some additional comments from its creator.
  13. Trinity University. This university offers quite a detailed guide on probably all possible bibliography kind. Surely, you can find everything you need here.
  14. Santa Crux University Library. Here you’ll be able to learn the purpose of bibliography, have a look at a comparison of different styles and some samples.
  15. Rasmussen College Library and Learning Service. The first website so far that offers a video guide for creating an annotated bibliography.
  16. Emory Libraries & Information Technology. Another innovator in our list. This resource offers you a step-by-step guide on how to create a bibliography with the help of Firefox addon – Zotero.
  17. Skidmore College. Tips, guidelines, samples – this guide has it all.
  18. Concordia University. Not only you can find a sample of bibliography here, but also an analysis of that sample. Available for download in PDF.
  19. LaGuardia Library Media Resources Center. You may have a look at some great samples of APA annotated bibliography here.
  20. University of Guelph. Check their step-by-step guide on writing a perfect annotated bib.
  21. Mount Saint Vincent University. Another pretty short but incredibly useful guide with samples and tips.
  22. University of Victoria. Have a look at their samples and amazing video guide that’ll definitely help you out.
  23. Memorial University Libraries. This one can help you not only with bibliographies but also with critical annotations.
  24. DDSB. Have a look at this visually pleasing and concise PDF guide in a form of presentation.
  25. WiKiHow. Another resource that many of us have heard about. Their articles are informative, helpful and easy to follow.
  26. IUPUI. This website has a lot to offer you. You can either read articles online or download their doc. guides.
  27. The University of Toledo. Here you can find a list of basic rules for APA references, as well as examples of authors and editors citation formats.
  28. Webster University. Pay a visit here if you need an explanatory article on bibliography formats.
  29. Eastern Michigan University. Another cool guide on how to create a bibliography in different styles with the help of Zotero.
  30. Baptist Health College. A printable PDF cheat-sheet where you can find everything you need to know about APA bibliography.
  31. Stone Writing Service. Here you’ll find a schematic display of page formatting, as well as some tips on writing.
  32. Faculty GVSU. Check out some really great examples in both APA and MLA formats that the website provides.
  33. University of Manitoba. In this printable PDF, you can learn about types of bibliography and what you should include.
  34. USC Informational Technology Services. One more short PDF guide with a great set of samples.
  35. Ohlone College. What to know the difference between abstract and annotation? Then this PDF presentation is for you.
  36. Davenport University. This resource can provide you with great professional assistance with a wide variety of academic writing in APA format.
  37. Boatwright Memorial Library. Here you’ll be able to watch a very enlightening video on annotated bibliography and look through some writing tips.
  38. University of North Alabama. You can check out their guide on “Developing Annotated Bibliography”. Very informative thing.
  39. Edith Cowan University. Strongly recommend reading their “Annotated Bibliography Academic Tip Sheet”.
  40. University of Alberta. Check out their colorful sample that highlights and explains different parts of annotated bibliography.
  41. Kaplan University. Another printable PDF guide on hot to write APA annotated bibliography.
  42. Lesley University. This university offers you a guide entitled “Lesley’s Favorite APA Handout”. Guite a unique guide, by the way. It can tell you about citing different internet resources and social media.
  43. Walden University. Looking for some basic information on APA bibliographies and few samples? You’ve found the right place then.
  44. Excelsior College. Here you can find a lot of useful samples in a printable PDF format.
  45. Utah Valley University. Another very informative guide.
  46. University of Central Florida. This source provides you not only with bibliography guideline but also with handy writing tips concerning different types of academic papers.
  47. Neuman University. They provide us with quite a detailed guide with a description of each part of bibliography.
  48. Illinois College. A guide full of examples of many different annotated bibliography styles.
  49. QUT. Provided tips on writing each section of annotated bibliography and a checklist to follow will be really in handy for everyone.

Feel free to use any of the guides above to write a flawless APA annotated bibliography!

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