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Annotated Bibliography APA Formatting: Full Guide

One of the most difficult and exhausting things to do while doing an academic written work that every student must face at one point in their academic career is the annotated bibliography APA formatting. This is a really common problem for many students who need to create this kind of bibliography for their thesis or any other paper, especially because it needs a lot of research and eventually, a good understanding of the whole subject.

But as any problem can be surpassed; we know the perfect process you need to pass through if you want to create bibliography APA without investing too much effort or time. We will tell you how to make a Bibliography APA easily, how to write an annotated bibliography step by step, different samples of an annotated bibliography and how to use the annotated bibliography generator to your advantage. If you want to know more, take a look further and find out!

excellent annotated bibliography apa formatting

What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

Just like a normal bibliography, the annotated one has the authors’ names, titles of the works and copies of the sources used in the academic writing. However, the difference comes because an annotated bibliography APA formatting needs to have a little review, a brief explanation why the source was used in the academic work. This gives more validity to the material and eventually supports the academic work in a better way.

Mostly, these annotated bibliographies are added alongside a brief explanation or quote from the original work. Each one of the sources need to be addressed this way, so the audience can have a better grasp of the subject and the importance of the source.

The purpose of an annotated bibliography APA formatting is to help the researcher to think and develop a better and more complete material to the work. This way he can make sure if the information meets the requirements and if it is related, making sure the audience also knows it.

professional annotated bibliography apa sample

Difference Between an Annotated Bibliography and an Abstract

As you see, an abstract is what we find in most journal articles and dissertations. This type of introduction and sometimes, bibliographies, give an idea of the whole work that is going to be presented, covering the main points and the important factors of each academic work in order to make it easier to understand it and give validity to its points.

On the other hand, an annotated bibliography is a list of sources that explain, briefly, each source used in the academic work. This annotation has two main purposes, to explain the use of the source and to evaluate its importance. Simply, it explains the source and how it was used, why and what exactly made it important.

How to Do a Bibliography APA

A bibliography will always depend on the requirements of the task.  However, there are two common ways to do it, a descriptive way and a descriptive and evaluative way. A descriptive is simple and consists of:

Citation details

This is the first thing you need to do while making an annotated bibliography, whether it is descriptive or evaluative. You will need to write the author’s name of the work, the titles of works and the copies of the sources. Every item and quote should be listed.

Short purpose

After writing the APA reference page with the details of each citation, you need to write the purpose of each one as well. This means writing why is the information relevant and useful to be part of the written academic work you are presenting.

Short summary of the work

In this part, you are going to write about the entire meaning of the work you’ve quoted and used as supporting material. Here you will add anything that has relevance and matters to understand the academic work better. From subjects covered, research methods and even the arguments or findings, it is important to include everything that helps your work have more sense.

As you see, these 3 are the main steps to make an annotated bibliography descriptive and evaluative. But an evaluative needs a little more info and development. In order to make an evaluative bibliography you need to:

Evaluate the usefulness of the supporting work

Here you will have to explain everything about the work you used on your own, from the reliability of the information, the credibility of the authors, the important and non-important features, content you left out and the overall weaknesses and strengths of the info. This way, you give readers a more complete and accurate idea of who, what and why you used that work to support your own.

bibliography apa checklist

Comment about what affected your work

After evaluating the usefulness of the work, you need to make a critical comment about how the work affects your own. This means explaining in a critical way, how the work of another person helped you during your writing process and how it affected what you ended up presenting.

This is the process of writing an annotated bibliography APA formatting, the only process that will help you develop this kind of bibliography. However, as said before, it may change according to the requirements of the Academy, program or written work you are going to do, as there are different ways to do it when there are different requirements. With an annotated bibliography generator, you won’t have to worry, as everything will be just perfect for any kind of requirement.

Rules of Annotated Bibliography APA Formatting

The APA format bibliography generator is a wonderful tool you can use to give format to your annotated bibliography. However, if you prefer doing it yourself, you need to follow this format:

  • Citation with the author’s name, titles of work and copies of sources.
  • Annotation with description and critical comments about the work.
  • The annotation goes after the citation in the next line. Most people use double space.
  • This annotation should be written in several sentences explaining the importance and use of the work within the one you are presenting.
  • Include personal statement and opinion of the work. Also add a brief description on who wrote it, why and what it portrays.
  • If you need a longer annotation for the bibliography, you can divide the annotation into two sections or more according to your needs.

Tips for Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Even though using an annotated bibliography generator would relieve you of any work in making sure your annotated bibliography fits with the requirements of a good one, you can follow these guidelines in order to make your own by yourself:

  • Arrange everything in an alphabetical order for an easier structure.
  • Write in just one paragraph unless you want a divided annotation section.
  • Use an academic writing style with your sentences and punctuation.
  • Transition words like however, furthermore, therefore, moreover, etc. are of utmost importance between sentences.
  • It is recommended to be concise and precise. Avoid unintelligible statements and bluff.
  • Do not repeat any information or reference. Also, avoid writing about two different citations at the same time.
  • You can check our samples of annotated bibliography in order to check your writing style and make sure your format is correct.

Need Help with Your Annotated Bibliography?

So are you looking for a way to make your annotated bibliography in a more easy and straightforward way? Here we have the perfect solution for you.

We know that making an annotated bibliography APA formatting can be incredibly hard. So we make sure that whatever problem you may have, whatever help you may need, we will aid and guide you in order to overcome it. But if you want the process to be faster and easier, you can use our annotated bibliography generator and avoid wasting your time or effort writing anything.

We will help you at:

  • Writing your annotated bibliography with the highest standards possible.
  • Make sure you have the perfect formatting and writing style according to your requirements and needs.
  • We will help you edit and proofread your whole bibliography in search of grammar/spelling mistakes and format problems.
  • Whether you need a descriptive or evaluative annotation section, we will help you achieve it in no time and with less effort.
  • Saving your time and effort writing by using our annotated bibliography generator.
  • Make sure you follow the perfect format and writing style by taking a look at our samples of an annotated bibliography.

tips on how to make a bibliography apa

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