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All You Need to Know about APA Format Bibliography Website

Nowadays, there is a common problem a lot of students face when it comes to writing academic works, being dissertations, journals, books or research, especially for the proper way to cite in APA format bibliography website and what is the correct format to use to make everything right.

A website, being an article, eBook, a document in PDF or just whatever you need to cite, needs to be done according to certain rules of the annotated bibliography format APA, or else, your bibliography won’t look as it should be and eventually portray the needed information incorrectly. Here we are going to explain to you how to cite an online article APA, how to cite a website in a paper and learn how to cite a website with no author. Take a look further and find out more or use our annotated bibliography generator!

help with apa format bibliography website

Types of Online Documents to Use as Reference in Academic Works

When it comes to doing a reference page APA website, it is important to take into account that not all kind of websites can actually be reviewed. However, the ones that can’t be reviewed are very little, as even Tweets and Facebook Updates can be used on a reference page of an academic work.  But mostly, only a few types of websites or Links and URL have validity in an academic work. These are:

  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters
  • Newspaper stories
  • eBooks
  • Books
  • Magazine articles
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers

However, other types of websites are also recommended to use, even though they don’t have as much validity as the previous ones, like:

  • Blog posts
  • Technical reports
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Government reports
  • Press releases
  • Lecture notes
  • Memorandums

As you see, there are many different types of Links and URL you can use in an annotated bibliography APA web page, but if you want validity and seriousness, we recommend sticking to the first list. However, there are people that even include other types of URL, like YouTube videos, artworks, Wikipedia Articles, Maps, TV Show, Movies, Information on a Web page, Tweets, Facebook Updates and many other. And any of these need to be all represented differently.

example apa website citation

What Are the Rules of Annotated Bibliography APA Formatting for Websites

As you see, the rules of citing website content depend on the type of content it is. Sometimes, when the content is not easy to identify, or the author is not referenced, the type of reference needs to be different. But normally, they all follow the same annotated bibliography APA formatting format, like this:

Author Name, Second. (Date of Publication). Title of the document or content [What type of document it is]. Retrieved or taken from URL and LINKS

This is the proper format, but what you have to take into account to do it? Here’s what:

Scenario of citation

It all depends, as said before, how you can make a reference to a website content. The most common are the blog post, where you need to both include the name of the author and the date of publication. However, it is important to add the link to both the blog post you used and a little link to a personal website or social media from the author, whether it is a Twitter, Facebook or a personal blog. That’s why it is important to use brackets, as you need to make the audience know what type of content it is.

Type of annotation

As you see, an annotated bibliography format APA would change completely the type of reference. In this case, you need to add a brief description of the content of the website you cited, and why you did it. When you make an annotation for something with statistics or technical facts you used, it is necessary to include them as well.

When the info is not exactly website content

Sometimes, there are moments when you find the information on a book or a blog post or website page. This may be due to an analysis, review or just a paraphrasing of the content of the book, something that you can use. In this case, you need to look for the book if you can and cite it according to the page, but if you can’t, you will just add the citation and make sure the reference explains that the original information came from another source, especially if it is an annotated bibliography.

How to Cite a Website with no Author APA

When you are going to reference a website content that has no author, you need to make sure that everything else, from the date and the title, are included and write the reference just avoiding the name of the author. Like this:

All 33 Chile miners freed in flawless rescue (2010, October 13). Retrieved from http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39625809/ns/world_news-americas/

As you see, only the name of the author is missing, in order to give the readers a better idea of where the article comes from, when it was published and the name. If the bibliography is annotated, you can explain why you used it and how it helped it, in order to give the article more validity and make it look better.

How to Cite a Website with No Date

Just as if the article had no author name, you need to include everything else you can. It is important to make sure who’s the author and from where it comes from exactly. This is how:

The College of William and Mary. (n.d.). College mission statement. Retrieved from William and Maru edu.

As you see, the article has no date at all, but you can eventually see who’s the author and where it was published. This way you don’t leave the audience with no options and they can eventually know with no problems. When you add an annotation, you need to have a brief description of who the author is and when it might have been published exactly.
apa website format

How to Cite a Website in a Paper

There’s a common question among students and researchers, especially in how to APA website for references and citations exactly, how to make sure they are portrayed correctly and eventually give a grasp of the content in a better way. This is how:

—————  Name of the author, first the second name. (Year, Month of Publication). Name or Title of the content. Retrieved from: URL and Links ———-

Sometimes, the exact URL of the article or content is not added, when it is not important. In this case, you just need to make sure that the main page of the website from which you took information is given.  This means, not adding the variation of the main website URL but just the main one, like this: www.citationapa.com

How to Cite a PDF in APA

Just as if you were citing any other type of content, a PDF needs to be addressed according to the title, author, date of publication and the URL or links. However, for a PDF, especially eBooks and different types of academic works like Journal Articles, Research, or the like, you need to do it making sure the page, chapter and other important bibliographic information are included.

American Psychological Association (2010) How to cite something you found on a website in APA style.

As you see, citing different web pages and web content is totally easy. You won’t have to spend days and nights making sure they go according to your needs and desires, you just need to make sure that they meet the rules and explain the referenced content correctly.

creating reference page apa website

Need Help with APA Format Bibliography Website?

We know how hard it can be to make an annotated bibliography format APA, especially when you need to include information from websites and other types of internet content. In these cases, you can use an example APA website citation depending on the type of content you want to reference. But if these examples don’t work for you, you can use our Reference Page APA Website Generator, a tool that will relieve all of your problems.

This tool along with our guide will help you write a perfect and more interesting annotated bibliography according to your needs and desires. We also offer the following:

  • Perfect writing style for any of your bibliographies according to your needs and requirements
  • Perfect formatting for all of your bibliographies according to the type of references needed
  • Avoidance of grammar, spelling and formatting mistakes that could harm the bibliography
  • Save time and effort using our annotated bibliography format APA generator for both website content and normal references.

So, do you need help? There’s nothing else to wait for. Make your APA format bibliography website with our generator and our experts’ help and you will create the best bibliography you can think of.

You won’t be disappointed, as we make sure to surpass the highest expectations of our clients and create the most professional reference page APA website!