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A cliché is a word or phrase that has been so overused over time that it has lost its meaning. Sometimes a cliché has a general meaning and it does not provide any useful information to the writing. If you use them when writing a text, the reader may think of you as a lazy writer with a lack of imagination. Clichés in writing are negative traits that you should avoid. You can use a cliche checker for this, or improve your vocabulary.

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Cliches to Avoid

The acid test, ace up his sleeve, rain on my parade. Clichés like these are sometimes called the bedrock of communication, but that conveys an inaccurate sense of their role in writing. When speaking, these are fine, but when writing, you need to create new and vivid images. New comparisons are of far more value; stamp clichés out from your writing unless you have a really original way to use them. Stop weighing it down with hackneyed phrases and your writing will be so much lighter.

How to Avoid the Cliche

How can you avoid these common clichés? The fastest way is to use a cliché finder! Just copy and paste your work in, and the checker finds all your clichés and points them out. It’s easy enough that anyone can do it. The finder will increase your creativity as you learn how to create more original work. You’ll find yourself relying less and less on common phrases and, instead, finding your own vivid imagery to employ. Get rid of your writing laziness easily with the cliché checker.

It is quite significant to avoid cliche in your writing for making the content more readable and meaningful. One needs to learn how to replace a cliche. Take a look at this table to understand this point properly.

Cliche Phrases Alternatives
At the end of the day Ultimately
To be honest Honestly
Good start Benefitial start
Nice weather Pleasant weather
Very bad Very deleterious
You know what I mean In actual
Apart from what has been said Except the previously stated
Factually Realistically
Basically The fact is
Literally speaking Honestly speaking

10 Tips to Avoid Clichés in Writing

Clichés are a bad writing practice. You should avoid the cliche if you want the reader to take your writing as a serious text. Here are 10 tips to avoid clichés in writing:

  • Improve your vocabulary. This will automatically help you create new phrases.
  • Brainstorm new phrases. Make a list of different phrases you may want to use, and choose the one that exactly describes what you are trying to explain.
  • Write down different phrases that explain what you are trying to say. This will give you an idea of the infinite ways you can describe the same thing.
  • Keep your phrase simple. Go to the point.
  • Try to answer who, why, what, when, and how to write your phrase. This will give more specific information about what you are trying to say and help you avoid clichés.
  • Explain what you are trying to tell in your own words.
  • Revise your paper and see if you are using generic phrases. If you are, you will have to change them.
  • Generic sentences may seem helpful to reach the word count, but they bring your paper down.  Use actual evidence instead of generic sentences.
  • Take your time to write what you are trying to say. If you rush, you may feel overwhelmed and feel the urge to write a cliché.
  • Make sure your text does not have a generic feeling. It should convey a message.

avoid the cliche in essay

Use a Cliché Checker

So you have chosen to use the cliché checker! Aside from what we have discussed above, there are many other benefits to it. For instance, we’ve optimized the web page for both mobile and desktop browsers. No matter where you are, it’s easy to check for clichés in everything from essays to Facebook posts.

Consider these additional factors:

  • Faster than any human
  • More detailed and accurate than any human
  • No biases
  • A large memory bank

We live in an era of truly amazing technology. One small web tool can, and in the case of ours do, have access to more clichés thanany single human probably knows! Because it has a dedicated memory, it can remember all the little things you missed. Plus, it’s far more accurate than we can be. Unlike us, it doesn’t accidentally skip a line and forget something. It goes line by line, hunting up all the clichés until they’re found. Likewise, the tool doesn’t have any “pet phrases” it ignores because it likes them.

Finally, the cliché checker operates at an amazing speed. You or I can read perhaps a page or two in a few minutes; the cliché checker will never take more than that to read your entire paper, no matter how long it is with your APA or Chicago annotated bibliography. You will be amazed at its powers. There’s no need to leave your essay or the whole dissertation up to the chance, get rid of the most annoying mistakes with the tool that will eliminate the boring parts of your writing.

Choose the Best Checker for Yourself

You need the absolute best in cliché checkers. In fact, you deserve it, as a hardworking student. That’s the reason we do our best to make sure our cliché checker is exactly on target. It will scan your paper quickly and produce perfect results. Check it out and see what you think.

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