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word expander factsHave you ever considered using a phrase expander for your paper and APA annotated bibliography? Many people haven’t even heard of them, but they’re one of the most valuable tools in the writer’s toolbox. They comb your text for phrases that could be expanded or synonymized and then add the new text to increase your length. Using them is simple. All you have to do is input text, specify the required amount, and then press go. It’s as easy as one two three. It’s also much faster than you can write yourself. The text expander can do a 3-5 page in a few minutes, where it might take you hours to write that much. The results will amaze you! Tweak it to sound more like yourself when you put it in, or just leave as-is. It’s up to you.


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What is the ethics of a word expander? Are you taking someone else’s words by using a text expander? No. In fact, you’re using it much as you’d use a synonym finder or grammar and spelling checker. No new ideas are being introduced; your own thoughts and words are simply being expounded upon. Also, since the text is computer-generated, you are not stealing anyone’s intellectual property. We are the owners of the program, and we give you full permission to use what is generated.

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